An ambitious, innovative idea that creates a concrete partnership between the search for beauty and the need for the function: MIAMI, the kitchen born from the encounter between the Biefbi quality and the creativity of Bertone Design.

A contemporary design with some vintage Miami touches, emphasized by the use of elegant and sophisticated materials such as the Peltrox®, innovative steel, specially selected by Biefbi, which combines the unsurpassable characteristics of the AISI 304 stainless steel to the heat, finish and tradition of the pewter. This innovative steel combines the unsurpassable characteristics of stainless steel AISI 304 with the heat, finish and tradition of pewter.

Designed entirely with a typical approach to Car Design, MIAMI cuisine was born from the idea of ​​re-proposing the styles that have ensured the Bertone brand’s success, retracing its history and values ​​through a journey that goes from myth to the future and new technologies .

Design and usability are perfectly combined in this kitchen project, where the right balance between refined aesthetic choices and ergonomics gives rise to creative solutions that do not neglect the functional aspects, for an experience of daily use characterized by accessibility and practicality.

Characterized by sinuous shapes and lines that harmoniously combine with straight lines, MIAMI proposes a contemporary design emphasized by some details such as the under-wall panel.

The protagonist of this new kitchen concept is a color that has marked the history of automotive design: orange, very dear to Bertone, used for the legendary Lamborghini Miura.

Hi-Tech technology also for under-cabinet lighting, thanks to the installation of HD Retina® high-definition LEDs, made by Martini Light, which saturate both warm and cool colors simultaneously and in a perfectly balanced manner, for a concept that distorts the classic idea of ​​cooking.

Italian style lives in splendor in this exclusive collaboration between Biefbi and Bertone Design.